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Red flower- Samsara


Yana Yushkevich



Samsara is the cycle of birth and death of a person, wandering in a circle, a chain of reincarnations. The wheel of Samsara rotates with our own hands - the Law of Karma works - negative deeds entail the rebirth of the soul at lower levels (in the form of animals, fish and hungry ghosts), positive and noble deeds under the influence of karma entail the rebirth of a person at higher levels.
Each time a person is born again, he acquires a new physical body and life from scratch, but the soul is immortal and does not disappear, but, as it were, passes into a new vessel.

I'm interdisciplinary artist.I m a winner of the competition of the Union of Czech Photographers "Communication" 2013 and finalist of the art project PACKSHOT Prague 2020.
I am a Member of art society Złota Linia Grupa Twórców Różnych, Poland, Member of international association of artists ASM and Member of Italian association EOS Laboratorio delle Arti.

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