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Elen Black



This picture is my fantasy about the future, where we are talking about zoos with augmented reality. In which, artificial intelligence will be able to create an image that reflects your inner "I", through the prism of your interests and interaction with the zoo pets.

Very often, being in the wild, we do not notice its diversity due to the unpredictable and aggressive environment. In a virtual zoo, all animals can live in conditions as close as possible to their real life. Pets raised by a human in captivity are more manageable and receptive to people's recommendations and more friendly. And animals with augmented consciousness can be your friends, be more empathic and more like people.

My fantasy may well turn out to be reality in the future. Such interaction of a person with the animal world, for starters in a playful way, can be the beginning of a new stage of life for people and their surrounding world.

Now, I'm a portrait designer, in the style of decorative painting.

By profession I am a costume designer (shoes and accessories). Graduated from MSUDT. She was a shoe designer in a shoe company - "Paolo Conte". And as a clothing designer in his brand - WORLD FACES / Faces of the World.

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