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Resurrection of Love: Tree Ring Heart


Irina Kurganskaya



“Resurrection of Love: Tree Ring Heart” - a profound tale of renewal and eternal affection. Painted in striking black and white, the piece centers around a mesmerizing tree ring, a timeless symbol of growth and life's cyclical nature.
At the heart of the tree ring, a delicate heart-shaped emblem emerges, as if born from the very essence of the tree's history. This heart is not just a mere representation of love; it symbolizes a powerful resurrection of emotions long thought to be lost or forgotten. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, love finds its way back to life, rekindled by the passage of time and nature's profound influence.
The concentric circles of the tree ring tell a story of the tree's journey through seasons and decades, a testimony to its resilience and the wisdom it gained over time. As the heart forms within the heartwood, it signifies a love that has survived the tests of time and tribulations, now glowing with newfound strength and vibrancy.

Irina Kurganskaya was born on 13 August 1980 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. She has been fascinated by drawing and painting since her childhood. Irina graduated with honors from the art school named after I. Repin, in Kharkiv, later studied watercolor under the guidance of Carrie Stuart Parks in US.

Irina is a watercolor artist. Her art is multifaceted and diverse. She creates both realistic and abstract

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