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Revival of nature


Tatiana NikO


I love observing the beauty of nature in all its facets, paying special attention to light and color. The forces of nature inspire me. Spring awakening is a miracle every year. Our spirits are high. We love the subtle green color. We rejoice in the golden rays of the sun. Raindrops turn into a fountain of joy. We feel reborn. Created using oil paints on canvas, this piece boasts fluid brush strokes that bring life to the composition and make it move. This modern color melody is a contrasting and elegant motif for any room.

I live in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Higher education.
I use painting as a method of self discovery as well as a means of sharing my thoughts and feelings. I believe that art taps into unseen connections that we all share. I love traveling and exploring. Painting allows me to “pour” my emotions and experiences onto a canvas. I am convinced paintings bring joy and harmony into people’s homes.
I am a member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia.

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