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Riddles of the Universe


Sasha Snegir



We wander in the nooks and crannies of our own souls in order to understand ourselves, our actions, their motivation, reasons and consequences, possible and real, responsibility, compliance with some generally accepted norms and rules, traditions. However, this is secondary, the main thing is self-awareness: WHO AM I? - and recognition of my place in the system of universe and in relations with my human society: I AM!

Energy Practitioner Artist.

Explores the phenomenon of Love as the core of our Universe, as the basis of the interaction of all living beings and the source of all religions, feelings and relationships.
Creates immersive aromatic paintings in the author's style of FRAIMM ART.
The guide and adept of Love.

Participant of more than 50 projects.
Her works are in private collections in all world.

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