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Svetlana Novikova



My painting is inspired by Earth's enduring resilience and the cycles of life. Despite the cataclysms and wars our planet has faced, life persists and flourishes. The magnificent sequoia tree, reaching heights of more than 110 meters and living for thousands of years, serves as a symbol of this resilience. It stands tall, observing the changes in its surroundings as time passes. In my artwork, I seek to capture the beauty and harmony of this concept, reminding viewers that life always continues despite adversity. Through my painting, I hope to inspire optimism and convey the profound journey of constant renewal and growth that life offers.

I discovered my passion for drawing at the age of 40 when I
accidentally came across an art studio for adults. Intrigued, I decided to seize the opportunity and enrolled in classes. Over the course of three years, I delved into the world of art, learning and growing. Eventually, I transitioned to painting independently, continuously seeking inspiration and knowledge from master artists.

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