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Natalia Alekhina



This work is about how a woman changes and is reborn over time. HER body is still young, and there are already traces of hard work on her hands. A slave, but not a slave! We are all slaves of our habits, other people's opinions ... and everything casts shadows on us. We are reborn only by finding ourselves, our life, our happiness, unlike anyone else's.

Alekhina Natalya was born in St. Petersburg on February 17, 1982. She studied the art of portraiture with the famous portrait painter Vasily Saprykin. Realism for Natalia was taught by Yulia Kapustina. Maria Pavlova taught to convey the volume and tenderness of flowers, as well as the mossiness of the rural landscape. Yulia Barminova taught how to convey the depth and saturation of sea water using

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