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Sofia! She lives in Colombia, and her mother commissioned a portrait as a birthday gift. This portrait represents a transformation for the young girl. Despite her shyness and a history of being critical of her appearance, she realized her own beauty after seeing my portrait. On canvas, she resembles a goddess, and it's truly magnificent!

The portrait was crafted in a digital format, using oil painting techniques, and then printed on canvas. I had the opportunity to work with 5-6 photos provided by the client, which served as the foundation for creating this image.

If you like it and would like to order a portrait for yourself or a loved one, please reach out to me on Telegram @Iriss_sss or on Instagram at

Hello, my name is Yryskhan. I'm a digital artist. I have a great passion for drawing portraits, and I enjoy delving into people's faces to capture their emotions, mood, and, of course, to make the portraits as lifelike and recognizable as possible!

I take portrait commissions based on photographs, using techniques such as oil painting, watercolor, and graphics. I create them in a digital format with the option of printing on canvas, paper, or other surfaces. If desired, I can also provide an electronic file for the client to print themselves.

Feel free to visit my Instagram page to explore all the different portrait options I offer.

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