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Soul Wings


Elena Gerasimova



The soul has wings and can fly. It happens in dreams, in fantasies, or when the soul rises above the earth.

When the soul flies, it is filled with Light and transformed. The soul can return to earth, or it can rise even higher - to the Divine worlds. There are no barriers for the soul, if it knows how to love and pray - these are its wings.

But without love, the soul's wings disappear, and then it wanders the earth without wings and yearns or cries. And she just needs to remember love, look at the sky, fill with light and take off.

I live in small Latvia, near the sea, which gives freshness and inspiration.

Once I was at the holy elder Nikolai Guryanov (on an island in Lake Pskov). The elder blessed me for creativity - I paint icons, portraits and paintings that live in different temples, houses and countries.

I was also fascinated by abstract images - from deep feelings and sensations. I like to spiritualize the space.

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