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Katya Aksen


In Chinese symbolism, the dawn is a symbol of renewal and rebirth.
Carp according to ancient Chinese teachings mean fortitude, endurance, determination, perseverance. The image of a carp helps to fulfill desires and achieve success. The painting has a wish written in Chinese, the hieroglyph means "gold", the seal "happiness".
Year of the painting 's creation: 2020

I am Katya Aksen, I am an artist of the direction of Chinese painting
My mission
Through my paintings to change a person's thinking and consciousness, charging with energy meaning, to have a positive impact on people's lives in general, making them more free and happy.
I invite you to reflection and contemplation through subtle aesthetics, beauty and at the same time deep philosophy. After all, the beauty of images and their lightness makes it possible to focus on inner feelings and enjoy the picture.
I am a regular participant of exhibitions:
1. Club of professional artists "ArtPriority"
2. International Association of Artists ASM – Club
3. The community of lovers of Chinese painting "Enchanted by the Celestial Empire"
4. Organizer of exhibitions and events "Apartment 10"
I organize classes in Chinese painting and lectures on the history of Chinese Art.

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