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Tamara Andreevna art.


Each initiation is an act of rebirth. It's like death for us. Our female ancestors died a huge number of times as one being and were born as another. Revealing other levels of love, acceptance of this world together with death, and trust, and through all these states, a woman's fate, relationships, motherhood, and happiness are formed as a result. I see how my sister is reborn from a little girl into a beautiful and wise woman. She has her own taboo on many things, and a new rebirth is ahead.

Choir conductor, actress, self-taught artist. I paint paintings in the Naiv style.
20. - organized a personal exhibition in the forest under the open sky.
21- invited as a guest with her paintings to the poetry evening "Own atmosphere".
23. - resident of the International Association of Artists ASM-CLUB.
March 23 Moscow - participant of the international exhibition "I am a woman! I am the center of the world!"
May 23, Moscow, Darwin Museum - participant of the project within the framework of the exhibition "Earth: Rebirth". Welcome to my world.

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