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The Black Hole or Glimpse of the Universe


Ekaterina Romanovskaya



The painting depicts a majestic black hole, which carries a deep symbolic meaning. The gaze of the black hole reminds us of a limitless world, of something greater that lies beyond our consciousness. It appears to us like an eye, mysterious and penetrating, like a gaze from the very heart of the universe.
What is there, beyond her? Death or rebirth in a new state? Putx transforms and from the particles of our consciousness a new image, more perfect and unique, can emerge

This view through the prism of rebirth points to the importance of closing one stage in our lives and beginning the next. Like a black hole that saturates itself with everything that enters its space, life, too, requires the shedding of outdated stories, experiences and old concepts in order to make room for a new birth.

My name is Ekaterina Romanovskaya. Birthday 12.12.1980 in Belarus. I studied at an art school. After school I entered the Minsk Academy of Arts on the specialty of actress of drama and cinema.
I am a mom of 5 children, 10 years devoted to the stage, 15 years - TV. In 2021, declared myself as an artist.
I graduated from the St. Petersburg school of painting Era art. I am a resident of ASM-galery.

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