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The flov of love


Natalia Pinaeva



Every person lives in the hope of one day discovering the truth of his birth - why he came to this world, where he is going and what is his goal. We persistently seek happiness all our lives. We pass a rocky path, knocking down our legs. We climb to the peaks of the mountains. We dive into ourselves, trying to find answers. We go into the world to see the universe through our reflection. We comprehend life in all its manifestations.We play, draw, learn to walk and breathe when it seems that it is impossible to withstand more. And then the Light comes into our life. A thread that answers any questions. This is Love. The only matter from which our universe is woven.


Pinaeva I live in Russia in the city of Perm, date of birth 17.01.1968. I am a freelance artist, I do not have a specialized art education, I took courses in interior, textured painting with Lyudmila Lipovskaya, participated in master classes and trainings. In creating paintings I use mixed technique, texture, fabric, cracks, more often I use acrylic turquoise shades, bronze, brown, canvases on a

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