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The Tree of Life


Olga Metelskaya


Nature provides us with hints, we just need to learn how to notice and apply them in life. One such hint is the tree undergoing transformation. New leaves will only grow when the old ones fall. The same goes for life. To start something new, we need to free ourselves from old commitments and finish unfinished tasks.

From time to time, we accumulate a lot of unnecessary things and tasks. This freeing ourselves from the unnecessary helps us simplify and cleanse our lives, creating space for new opportunities.

psychologist by diploma, an artist by calling! I strive to understand and express the inner world through creativity.

I create modern interior paintings with meaning. I explore different styles, techniques, and materials - this is where the most interesting ideas are born.

I have my own studio in Borisov, Belarus, a small art therapy space where everyone can express their emotions and thoughts through art.

I have studied at a school of modern painting.

I am a resident of the international association of artists ASM CLAB.

My works can be found in private collections in Belarus and Russia.

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