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These are just my dreams


Evgeniya Shirmatova



Man has been thinking about the reality of our world for a long time. There are many theories on the topic of choosing options from the many existing ones for everyone. In the so-called layers of the world, you can choose the right scenario of life, situations, developments, etc. It is quite possible that thanks to the development of artificial intelligence and in symbiosis with it, a person will be able, as now in the store, chooses and tries on clothes, as well as order his own version of the world, his reality. To view, maybe even fold as a constructor, move through time and space, overplay fate, as in a computer game. I dreamed about how it could be. Or maybe we're already in the game? Are we in a dream or in reality? Press the button!

Perfection, in general, does not belong to people. Painting is an opportunity for me to get closer to harmony. Since 2020, I have been studying a lot: from masters, offline, online, courses, books. I do icon painting of pre-Peter's times. Resident of the international association ASM-CLUB. Participant of exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

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