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Ulyana Karelina


The picture “Time” was painted under the impression of Tracy Cheng artist. Time is our life. It cannot be slowed down or stopped. It flies with great speed, moves, accelerates. Time, like golden threads, changes and twists, infinitely and fleetingly in the Universe. The modern interior painting “Time” is made in the fluid art technique, and the golden lines set the dynamics of the entire composition.

was born in 1980 in the city of Orenburg in the family of an artist and designer. Creativity has followed me since birth – it is my mother's workshop, art school, then Art University. I learnt from the leading artists-teachers of the country - Gagarin B. G. (professor of MaSU), Mukhametdinova V. N. (Artists Union member of Bashkiria). I became an artist-teacher. I teach children to draw in the art studio and at school, participate in creative exhibitions and competitions. At the moment I am fond of modern types of interior paintings, new techniques and experiments.

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