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Transcendence of the Soul Through Geometry


Viktoria Nakhod



This artwork portrays the profound journey of the soul through the interplay of geometric shapes — triangles and circles. A single point, symbolizing the essence of being, serves as the nucleus of transformation. From this point emerge intricate triangles that represent the multifaceted aspects of human existence.

As the triangles evolve, they transform to form perfect circles, depicting the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth. These circles metaphorically capture the cycle of the soul's evolution. The composition embodies the idea that every individual experience, no matter how diverse, is connected by the common thread of existence.

In essence, this artwork captures the spiritual metamorphosis that occurs as the soul traverses its unique path, transcending through the simplicity of a point to the complexity of geometric forms, ultimately reflecting the boundless cycle of existence.

I started in a childhood art school, honing skills in oil, graphic, and watercolor. Further, workshops with notable artists such as Elena Timtschenko, Maxim Krioukov, Anastasia Kozlova enriched my palette with new methods.

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