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Marina Malcev



I called this painting "Transition".
The city of the future, the sunset and the fragile figure of a girl walking on a bridge stretching over the abyss, passing into the sea ripples....
The bridge seems transparent and rather fragile, ghostly, it is created out of ephemerality, not quite material (it is painted with translucent silver paint and is visible from different angles to a greater or lesser extent).
It was created by the girl herself to get to an unusual city - a symbol of the future.....
The painting symbolizes the New Beginning, the process of TRANSFORMATION, becoming and the moment of accepting oneself, one's place in the world and trust, realizing in oneself new strengths and possibilities.

Marina DeMaris is an artist, designer, painter, graphic artist, author of projects, participant of many symposiums and festivals, teacher.
She has two art degrees and 20 years of experience.
Creates paintings on canvas, as well as on copper in the technique of hot enamel, illustrations, as well as - author's jewellery, is engaged in wall painting.
Awarded a diploma of the Academy of Arts

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