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Anastasia Pastore


Russia, ltaly

This picture is a reflection on the relationship of modern people with the world and with themselves.
Digital civilization. We live in the era of digital technologies and they quietly capture our entire lives, from a bank card to entertainment in social networks. This is completely changing our consciousness, habits, worldviews, devastating our thoughts and time turns people away from natural beauty. Consciousness shrinks, and self-knowledge dies. This digital flow washes away our individuality, our identity. Depersonalizes us both externally and internally. From this we become standard, gray with the same phones, costumes, faces...

Anastassia Pastore - an artist and a sculptor. Graduated from the Art School and the Art and Graphic Faculty of the Moscow Lenin Pedagogical University. I have been an active participant of various exhibitions since 1999. Member of the Union of Russian Artists since 2008. Participated in the TV show "School of Repair" on TV channel TNT in 2010. Collaborated with the magazine "Artistic Council"

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