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Zhanna Setyukova



The painting "Unity" is a look into the future and hope. The painting is realistic and symbolic at the same time.
"Turquoise Lake" of almost perfect egg shape is one of the pearls of the Crimea.
Sun and Egg - in all cultures and religions mean the beginning of all beginnings: divine and earthly.
Water is the most ancient symbol of purity, fertility and the source of life, and floating in the sky, constantly changing clouds remind of the incessant metamorphosis of the universe.
The clouds are a symbol of freedom, striving for the unknown, readiness for change. Perhaps that is why the reflection of clouds in the turquoise of the lake resembles the symbol of Bitcoin - the first digital currency, which emerged in 2009 as a result of the work of human intelligence, in response to the crisis of 2008, when mankind needed independent and reliable money (a symbol of the material world),which will inevitably lead the world to the emergence of a new social reality.

Self-taught artist.
Born and lives in Moscow.
She has 2 higher education, but painting as a professional activity appeared in her life in December 2020.
Resident of ACM club and other communities since its foundation. Participant of many exhibitions of the club and other communities. Through her paintings she transmits her perception of the world around her.

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