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Waking up


Elena Hoffmann



I was in a dream, i couldn’t see life
and everything seemed dark.
Once awakened at dawn
i realized: „Oh no! Wait!“
Where is the beauty that shines so inside?
And everything seeks to find a way out again.
All the darkness inside interferes,
it prevents life from finding a way out.
I woke up and pierced my life again
with a new color of light and love.
And the understanding that everything here is not accidental,
does not let go.
But i live now!
Opened my eyes again, i want to go further.

I'm a freelance artist and teacher from Germany. I have completed my masterclass in the free art academy artpassion in Dornbirn (Austria) and dedicate myself to my passion. My artworks are all in the direction of abstract realism. Participated art exhibitions:
- I.AM.WOMAN at Gallery Opportunitis Lab Moscow
- Earth.Rebirth.Vers.23 at the Darwin Museum Moscow

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