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WWIII: ReGeneration


Tamara Japaridze



The world is on the verge of a great catastrophe. This is the time when the soul of every person begins to ask itself questions. Changing external challenges for the entire human civilization leads to a deep internal transformation of each individual.

Those who will never return from the war, dissolving into the endless fields. Adults and children, military and civilians... ghosts have no way to return. Only memory and pain, longing for a lost life. How many years will pass before they can find peace?

The battle between light and shadow is fought by every person. Between fear and courage. Indifference and willingness to help others. Decisiveness and caution. The soul of the world is torn apart by war and is experiencing a collective tragedy as its own. The choice is put before each person and each person will have to answer the question "Who are you?"

This is a personal experience, reflection, reflection of what is happening in the eyes of the artist.

Tamara Japaridze - artist, designer. I live in Russia. Born in 1982 in the artist's family. I learned to draw before I could speak. Studied drawing, painting, interior design, advertising, music, literature, biology, cynology, psychology, bioenergetics. I tried myself in different areas of visual art. Since 2020 I have discovered something new in creativity and restarted everything.

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