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You`ll never be the same again


Andrey Temerezov



This work is an invitation to reflect on the future... of one's own, of humanity, of the planet. The last decades have presented the world with a choice – catastrophe or rebirth. You won't be able to sit out. We will have to make a decision, make a difficult moral choice, take responsibility.
The tree is an eternal symbol of life, a symbol of connection with the past, with our roots, and a symbol of aspiration to the future, upward, to the sun, to the new. But it, like a person, will never be the same. Not only the color of the foliage has changed, but also its meaning. The photosynthesis process was disrupted, but hope did not die. And a person, tired, disappointed, loaded with problems and tormented by fears, clings to this last hope. He returns to the bosom of nature, he chooses life. Life is in cooperation, not confrontation.

Member of the international creative community of artists AFM Club.
The creative concept of "Subtle Worlds".
I work in oil & digital techniques.
In December 2022, the first personal exhibition "Metaphysics of Flowers" (Moscow)
May 2024 - the group curatorial exhibition EARTH. Re: Born. Ver. 22/23 at the State Darwin Museum (Moscow)
Shortlist of the competition "Poetry of everyday life"

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