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Lyudmila Chepurnaya

Я художник.


I was born in 1980 in a small town. From early childhood, I loved to decorate everything around me and I was a student of an art school , where I was taught to paint with different materials and on different surfaces. Wallpapers were painted at home, the walls were decorated with my paintings in self-made frames and all kinds of panels.

I had to give up this favorite affair, because I went to study, and then had to work hard as an engineer. But the desire to create has not gone away. At my mother’s work in kindergarten, I painted the walls in the children’s washroom, designed a theater corner and just drew with the children.

At the factory, I worked as a product designer and tried to make the design of products as beautiful as possible. We filled out the product passport by hand and the model of the product was drawn in detail, even with shadows.

There was an economic crisis in my country, then after the birth of my child I was unemployed for some time, then another factory, another economic crisis, a divorce, a new profession. A new profession - is an interior designer, it is a combination of an engineer and an artist in me. But dreams come true if we let them. That is why today I am an artist. I create canvases from old boards, fence parts, furniture leftovers and crates as an engineer . As a designer, I can create a painting and an interior painting. Well, as an artist, I feel my recognition to bring beauty to this world and the world of every living space I work with.

Man is a creation of nature and that is why we are so drawn to the forest, mountains, to the sea, where we gain strength and relax. My paintings bring a piece of nature into homes and create an atmosphere in which you can relax . My paintings transfer such emotions as: the charm of flamingos, children's interest in the rhinoceros beetle, the calmness of whales, the admiration of a blooming apple tree, the liveliness of geese, the restraint of an elephant.

Lyudmila Chepurnaya

'- Resident of the international ASM-club - since 2022.
- Participant of the exhibition "By Selfie Method", URBANFRESCO Gallery - Moscow, Apr. 2022.
- Participant of the exhibition Earth.Artificial intelligence. Why. Darwin Museum. Moscow. 2022

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