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12. Faith: maintain an independent social position and raise the sourc


Digital Art






Kristy Key

Meditation on Kindness

How can kindness melt any ice?
What quality does the source of the river where kindness originates?
How does a person create in himself the quality of noble generosity in contact with others?

Moral: acceptance and at the same time separation from our individuality allows us to be free from surrounding social patterns.....and to be happy in every moment of time, exalted in the pure quality of universal love and inner Faith....

Christina was born on March 18, 1992 in Yerevan, Armenia. Since childhood she tried herself in different directions: choreography, fine arts, literature, design.

At the moment, Christina works as an architectural decorator and creates a series of works expressing the ideology of philosophical and religious concepts.

“I study the phenomenon of human perception and self-government.. for me Art is a tool for emotional and mental transformation of Energy in dialogue with my Higher Self“

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