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A foundling


Oil, canvas on cardboard






Sasha Snegir

When her feet were ankle-deep in the puddle, the sobbing stopped.
She caught the frightened look in the big beady eyes of the dirty little puppy, shivering with cold, took a couple more confident steps toward him, picked him up in her arms, and hugged him tightly.

- Hush, hush, little one! It's okay - we're going Home! You'll have a family now!

On that gloomy, rainy day, they both felt very sunny at heart.

Sasha Snegir. Energy Practitioner Artist.

Explores the phenomenon of Love as the core of our Universe, as the basis of the interaction of all living beings and the source of all religions, feelings and relationships.
Creates immersive aromatic paintings in the author's style of FRAIMM ART.
The guide and adept of Love.

To manifest love and energy, feeling and sensuality, to fill with meaning and depth, to reconnect with the Soul and embrace with all the heart.

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