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African Wild Dog at Savannah Sunset


Saunders Waterford paper, watercolor alla prima






Nadezhda Fernando

The sun rises every day. It shines and gives life to all living things. It is the magic of the nature, and we are its reflection. My painting is an inspiring story-metaphor. Look how the living soul and the energy of the heavenly luminary merge together. We are born with the sun inside. We are given to bring the healing light of love, kindness and tenderness to the world. It will melt the cold ice of any darkness and will reach everyone with its rays. These rays are our common space. We are this sun, it is inside of us, blazing with bright fire, sparkling and warming.

Nadezhda Fernando, born in 1986, is an animal artist and volunteer from Moscow. She draws wild and domestic animals and customised portraits of pets in watercolour alla prima technique. Being originally a fascinating hobby drawing has grown into a favourite lifework with a deep meaning: Nadezhda improves her skills as an artist to help animals and make this world a little kinder. 40% from the sale of any painting goes to charity for homeless animals. Art will save the world!

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