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Oil, canvas






Sveta Didenko

Bodhichitta is a high state of consciousness, the aspiration for awakening. A person is driven forward by the desire to save from suffering not only himself, but also others. This is a state when love and compassion for one's neighbor is revealed.
The happiness of others begins with our own happiness. It is impossible to make another happy while suffering. An unhappy person creates exactly the same attitude as his inner world.
The picture reflects the state of a person who has emerged from the prison of suffering. When walls of limited perception cover the ‘blue sky above’, a person does not feel compassion for others. He is not able to feel kindness and love because of darkness created by twists of the mind. And the first step is to leave this dungeon, to go beyond its limits, start a journey on the way to bright, spacious sky.

Svetlana Didenko was born in Crimea in 1986.
She studied at the British Higher School of Design, took private lessons with teachers from leading russian art institutions.
Member of the international union of artists ARTsales
Participant of international and Russian exhibitions.

The nature of the artist’s painting is determined by philosophical and aesthetic interests and could not be separate from spiritual practices, yoga, and meditation.

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