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Canvas, oil paints






Ivanova Svetlana

The painting “Consolation” answers the question of how we can find that golden mean in communicating with each other without harming ourselves. Participation and support with kind words and encouragement, simple warm words in times of trouble. Anyone can do this. It does not require funds, only participation and attention to loved ones and more. People will not be so lonely and touchy if they feel that they are always in a friendly environment. When at any moment, if you suddenly feel discouraged, they will definitely support you and maybe even guide you.
Feelings of loneliness and sadness go away, and determination appears to find a solution to a difficult situation. My opinion is that this is a simple solution and we all know it. But so far we are not very good at using it in practice. Otherwise the world would be a Paradise made by our conscious behavior.

Hello, my name is Svetlana, a creative figure. Member of ASM-CLUB, I am a member of the Creative Association of city Volgodonsk artists “LIK” and “ART OLIMP”. I participate in exhibitions and competitions, both in Russia and abroad.Exhibited in museum,galleries and libraries.

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