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Cosmic Symphony of the Soul


liquid #acrylic on canvas






Lena Smaga

I was prompted to create this picture by reasoning about the role of humanity in our Universe.
Our Earth is a living organism, loving and caring, generous and patient.
Our worlds are the breath of space, they are cosmic bubbles enclosed in the shape of a ball.
The Soul is a singer, its task is to sing the song of life, and man is an instrument that performs the symphony of the Soul.
Everything should be in one harmony.
Spontaneous spreading smooth combinations of colors are reminiscent of blue rivers, blue seas and oceans, yellow, brown colors are associated with mountains, white with snowy peaks, conveying the whole unique range of colors and sensations.
Nature, performing a symphony of sounds that cannot be reproduced by human hearing, casts life into form.
The rhythmic movement of colors is filled with light, clarifying knowledge and power for understanding, identifying man as responsible for everything that happens on our Planet and in our Universe.

-2021 Poetry November (abstract painting),
creative space "LETS ART STUDIO" (Kyiv Ukraine)
• 2021 “Way to a dream” (abstract painting),
creative space “DELAB” (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Group exhibitions
-2023"REBORN"Gallerie Paulo de Brito, (Starnberg, Germany)
• 2023 “Art poetique”, Gallery Tchaikovsky (Nice,
• 2022 “Liberté: une exposition d’artistes”
Ukrainians. Le Forum" (Nice, France)
• 2019 “Colors of the soul”, Art space “SKLO”
(Kyiv, Ukraine)

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