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Frozen bouquet


Mixed media on paper






Kira Shilina

I found ice shards with sealed seaweed, which gave birth to an idea of memory work. Thus flower preservation began.

Ice preserves images of plants, but distorts them with cracks, refracts and hides them with bubbles. Memory works in the same way: it changes and erases facts, increases the vividness of some memories while extinguishing others - our emotional evaluation affects preservation. Gratitude and kindness change our memories, and pleasant memories can change the present for the better.

Kira Shilina is contemporary artist. She graduated the N. Novgorod Art Colleage as a painter and a teacher, participate in various art exhibitions sinse 2013.

As an artist she evokes an underlying sense of unity with all living creatures through associations with the flora, reminding us of the human nature.

Her watercolour technique a la prima is performative in its execution. In tandem or in opposition, with water, paint, pencils and experimental materials.

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