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Ghost Lands








Irina Irina

An abstract painting depicting a sea with ghostly lands on the horizon with a narrow gap filled with light.reflected in the water, smoothly passing from the sea to the sky.. a stunning blue picture of the sky opens, a delicate palette of colors embodying lightness and serenity. The painting fills the heart with a feeling of freedom and harmony, gives inspiration for new achievements and bright thoughts.

I started painting in 2018 and now I am a professional artist and I write a variety of works that I am interested in and want to write.. I like so much to depict on canvas what I see around me - flowers, sea, mountains... Painting is my life I no longer see myself without creativity and express myself in it with great joy giving it all of myself without a trace.. She started her exhibition activity in 2022 and during this period participated in 14 exhibitions both in Russia and in Germany.

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