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Svetlana Korneeva

The painting symbolizes the contradictions of the modern world. In the foreground, there is a garbage dump, reflecting the destructive consequences of consumer society. But in the background, a waste processing plant is visible, which gives hope for transforming waste into valuable resources. The theme is "a little sun in cold water" - a metaphor for finding light in hopeless situations. The painting evokes negative emotions from the garbage dump, but also fills us with optimism and hope for change. It calls for reflection on our actions and the fight for sustainable development and nature preservation. The painting stimulates the viewer to think and take action, bringing awareness to the importance of transforming our society into a more sustainable and environmentally friendly one. It urges for a conscious way of life and the preservation of nature for future generations. Dedicated to F. Hundertwasser.

A budding realistic artist, specializing in oil paintings, often in the styles of realism, impressionism, and alla prima. As an artist, I dream of creating paintings that are full of meaning, energy, and hope; artworks that will help humanity comprehend what is happening around them, discover beauty, and draw conclusions.Participant of Russian and international exhibitions. Twice laureate of the competition of the International Academy of Modern Art. Included in the registry of prof. artists RF.

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