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Labyrinth of emotions


Acrylic on canvas






Yana Yushkevich

A portrait is a labyrinth of emotions, where every corner is a new side of the human essence. Bright, rich colors express a whirlwind of emotions, creating a kind of inner world filled with moments of light in the slow motion of cold fate. In every corner of the labyrinth there is a new facet of human experience, where even in the shadows the warmth of the sun's rays can be traced. This is a picture about the search for light in darkness, about how emotions become threads leading through the complex paths of life.

My name is Yana Yushkevich,I am professional artist with more then 10 year’s experience in fine art photography and mixed media art.I have participated in several exhibitions in the Czechia,Italy,Poland,Hungary,Russian and the UK. I m a winner of the competition of the Union of Czech Photographers "Communication" 2013 and finalist of the art project PACKSHOT Prague 2020.Member of Złota Linia Grupa Twórców Różnych, Poland.Member of international association of artists ASM club.

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