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My morning Angel


Oil on canvas






Anastasiia Kirillova

This work is a reflection on the concept of "border".
Fence as a border separating space and perception of the world.
Finding the line between the aestheticization of everyday routine, the ability to see the face of an angel in a paint stain on a building fence and a caricature, a mockery of a divine creature.
The image of the person and, at the same time, the image of all human activity, material and spiritual culture. Insignificant and important at the same time. Like the reflection of the sun in cold water.
"Portrait" of a part of the construction fence in the Ladozhskaya metro area. Saint Petersburg.

I am an artist and a professional historian of European and Russian culture from St. Petersburg. It helps me in my art. A deep cultural and historical basis is a characteristic feature of my style.
My artistic approach is based on the creation of a subjectively comfortable reality from the plots of life. In the cautious dialogue with classic art.

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