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Normandy. Deauville. Sunlight on Cold Water


oil, streched canvas






O. Kleot

The title of the exhibition is the title of the famous novel by Francoise Sagan. She writes about love, about the complexities of human relationships. And she spent a lot of time here, on the cool shores of Normandy, her villa is here and there are many photos of the writer with a view of these umbrellas, the hallmark of this resort place. We say that Normandy is the birthplace of impressionism and a shelter for writers. And an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

I am a self-taught artist from Paris. I always painted when I had time. And I bought my first brushes and paints in France at the estate of Claude Monet. I was impressed by the beauty of this place. I come here regularly in connection with my work. And this great artist continues to give me inspiration. I paint Normandy landscapes, my beloved Paris, and I also try myself in abstract and minimalist painting. I like to try myself in different styles and materials

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