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Preserve the human being within yourself


Canvas, acrylic






Xenia Lazareva

This painting explores three themes:
1. The ability to find happiness regardless of circumstances.

2. Did you know that animal rescue groups are still active in the CIS countries? Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan collaborate without taking sides. They simply provide help. It's unfortunate that their efforts are not highlighted in the media in Russia or Europe.

3. Do you attempt to determine the country where the girl is from? Does your level of empathy change even slightly when you consider a specific answer as correct for yourself (Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, etc)?

I live and work in Moscow. Self—taught, but I have the status of a professional artist assigned by the Professional Union of Artists of Russia. I have participated in many Russian and international exhibitions.

I paint mainly in acrylic and oil on canvas. I strive to capture the moment when light penetrates through the darkness and creates a magical atmosphere.
I strive to evoke emotions in the viewer, make them think and feel like a part of this play of light and shadow.

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