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Rose in the Ice


Canvas, Acrylic






Larisa Robins

A red rose in ice with such sensitive lines.
A red rose in ice suffers ice gripping spines.
Holding ‘red rose in ice’ where the frost so entwines
Like a red rose in ice. How our own life resigns?

Red rose in ice, flames the cool of the night.
Red rose in ice, frozen beauty delight.
Red rose in ice, love’s believers elope.
Red rose in ice, pure symbol of hope.

I feel a need to transfer images of the natural world to paper or canvas and watercolour became my first medium. Later I had the desire to try my hand at oils and more recently I have moved through texture paste ending in modern three-dimensional painting. My paintings are more realistic than abstract, but I attempt to combine classical and abstract styles in anything I create. I believe the marriage works, and I truly hope that others feel the same when they view the results.

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