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Цифровая живопись






Elen Black

If this painting were a mirror, it would reflect the viewer looking at it.
Fish represents wisdom and depth, and man represents the ability to adapt to any conditions.

The bird symbolizes freedom and flight, and the person symbolizes the opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams.

The sun represents warmth and light, and man represents opportunities for development and growth.

A child is purity and innocence, and the experience of an adult is knowledge that will help him grow and develop.

I am a professional designer and artist. I create bright portraits on large canvases in the style of decorative painting. I paint with acrylics and draw digitally. I accept orders. The heroes of my “fairy-tale portraits” live and communicate on canvas with real and imaginary animals, plants, ornaments and objects. My art project is called FACES OF THE WORLD. This series of works is connected with each other, with one plot reliability. Drawing from one painting, moving to the second and another.

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