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canvas stretched on a frame, acrylic, structure medium, gold leaf, metallics






Fatima Dzhanayeva

The painting with strong structure, bright gold effects. The picture is stretched on a frame and can therefore be hung on the wall right away after delivery and immediately irradiate your room. This picture is unique and is signed.
The painting shows sophistication, individuality, brings light, liveliness and movement. Inspired by my favorite spot at the stream nearby, I often sit on the bridge and watch the bubbling, living, cleansing water below me, absorbing everything negative and washing it away. As the sun's rays begin to dance on the water, I feel like I have been filled with the golden light...

My name is Fatima Dzhanayeva. I am an interior artist, selling ready-made paintings and paint to order, using acrylic, structural paste, potal. In my paintings I do observe and transmit the connection and interaction of human and his surrounding world.
Art Education:
Interior painting school of Ljudmila Lipovskaya
International school of modern creative work
NY school of painting
ArtSalesMaster School
Member of ASM Club
My Portfolio:

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