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Sunflower's eye


acrylic on canvas






Tea S Art

This picture can be interpreted as a symbol of rebirth.
The sunflower is a plant that turns its petals towards the sun and receives energy and life from it. The eye in the center of the sunflower represents the man seeing sees the world in a new way, with a new perspective and new possibilities. The black background with white dots creates a contrast with the bright flower and reminds us of the night that precedes the dawn. The artist wants to say that after dark times comes a bright future. Fibonacci spiral represents the infinite development of man and his rebirth to the best.

Tea sees each painting as a journey into the depths of her soul, revealing her innermost thoughts and desires. She paints with passion and enthusiasm and feels alive and free when she is in front of the canvas. She wants to share her vision and feelings with the viewer, inviting them to enter her world and connect with her art.
She believes that colours can affect human psychology and evoke emotions, and she explores how different combinations of colours can create different moods and atmosphere

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