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Sunset at Ballybunion








Fatimie Ashyrova

Sunset scenery and a view of the pristine cliff that is Nuns Beach.
The beach gets its name from the monastery located on top of the cliff just above the bay. In the past, the beach was used by the nuns who lived here as a secluded place to swim, as there are cliffs around the beach and you have to climb down a rope.
Nowadays, everyone goes down there to enjoy the beauty of the sunset on the pristine cliffs.
But it is not safe to do it, because you have to catch the tide, especially if you can not swim, and climb up the rope, too, not like going down.
I got this photo (reference) as a gift from a local photographer, for which I am very grateful to her.

My name is Fatimeh, I am 44 years old. I am an artist with no education, but I believe that if you want to learn everything, you will learn everything. I am a Muslim and it is very important for me that my creativity does not go beyond the limits allowed in Islam. As you know Sharia prohibits the image of living beings, so I mainly write paintings about nature: landscapes, still lifes. I use different techniques and experiment with ethno style paintings.

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