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The Message


MDF, gypsum, acrylic






Kizima Maria

Every day the universe gives us messages. They can manifest themselves in signs, shapes, numbers, fragments of phrases, random thoughts. In this picture there is an abstract message about the importance of the ability to see and feel these signs. Volumetric elements made of acrylic and textural pastes reflect the idea of a “screaming” universe filled with obvious signs around us. Each time a person is "reborn" and enters a new life stage, the ability to notice such "messages" opens up in him.

Maria Kizima is a multimedia artist from Moscow. She explores issues of the human psyche, the unconscious, existential issues and what goes beyond human understanding, but has a visible impact on the world. Maria often uses unusual materials in her works, such as gypsum and padding polyester to reflect the meanings of weight and lightness. She's looking for signs and trying to reflect a system that exists in chaos.

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