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Turquoise Symphony of Reflections


canvas, oils






Elena Dundukova

The reflection of the temple domes in a cold autumn puddle creates an effect of distortion of reality, as if the world has been turned upside down under the influence of kindness and light. The turquoise shades of the domes play with their reflections on the water surface and invite us to think about our own inner world.

A world where goodness overturns the ordinary, inviting the viewer to think about the fine line between reality and fantasy, where even a reflection in a puddle can bring a new perspective on the world around us.

I was born in a small Siberian town. Today, the artist creates oil on canvas abstract compositions filled with air and emotion. Each of the strokes in the painting has its own colour, and they all add up to a whole canvas. Participates in exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Paintings in private collections in the UK, Japan, Russia.

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