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5 minutes to Miracle

30х40см,Oil painting.Canvas on a stretcher.


Natalia Selivanova


"5 minutes to Miracle"
Picture oil 30x40 cm, canvas on a stretcher. Work in the style of small Dutch.
The smell of tangerines at Christmas creates a special holiday atmosphere. The expectation of something magical, like in childhood, especially captures us 5 minutes before Christmas. We are anxiously awaiting the fulfillment of our most cherished desires or the opening of the enticing veil of secrecy...

N.Si./Natali Si, I am active now a member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia.I paint still lifes and seascapes in oils in the style of realism.More than 15 exhibitions in the last 3 years. Reiki,meditation. Each painting is a new journey.

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