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60-50-1,5 см/acrylic paints on canvas




My Christmas miracle is a budgerigar Masterpiece. She has appeared at my home just before Christmas 2021, on 21 December. Snow-white birdie with turquoise tints on her back and wings. The miracle I have called in honor of the Gazebo`s song and because of her beauty. The surroundings of the budgerigar looks like snowflakes on gray that is typical for December. White feathers are clearly outlined among winter darkness. Masterpiece is like a tiny white angel who lightening my winter and my life.

Northern Phoenix. 14th December, Norilsk. Designer, 3d-visualizer, painter. Art School. Higher education: the technology of art processing of materials. Exhibitions: Successful art, According to the selfie-method, Ideal summer, СatMania, Orange mood

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